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We are excited to announce that ECF Career and Education Fairs is expanding its reach to include the vibrant province of Ontario. This year marks the beginning of an incredible journey, and we are thrilled to kick off our first fair in the heart of Ontario, Toronto.

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General Information


WHere collaboration and innovation meet

What to Expect

Our ECF Career and Education Fair is a one-stop destination for individuals seeking opportunities to shape their careers and education paths. Here’s what you can expect at our Ontario event:


Connect with a wide array of exhibitors ranging from renowned universities and colleges to leading employers from various industries. Explore educational programs, career opportunities, and gain insights into the latest trends in your field of interest.


Expand your professional network by connecting with representatives from top organizations, fellow attendees, and professionals in your chosen field. Networking is a key aspect of career development, and our fair provides the perfect platform for meaningful connections.

Exclusive Swag
& Giveaways

Immerse yourself in a world of freebies! Our exhibitors are coming prepared with exclusive swag and giveaways. From branded merchandise to valuable resources, you’ll have the chance to snag some fantastic items while learning about the educational and career opportunities they offer.


Engage in meaningful conversations with representatives from the top colleges, universities, and educational institutions in Toronto. This is your chance to ask questions, seek advice, and get firsthand information about the programs and opportunities that align with your aspirations.

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