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To enhance your company’s or institution’s visibility, we strongly encourage you to actively share and promote our upcoming ECF fairs across your social media platforms. Inspire your audience to visit your booths at ECF and invite them to become a part of this exhilarating event. Your active involvement will be invaluable in aiding ECF’s mission to establish these crucial and informative fairs for Canadian high school students, job seekers, and immigrants.

To simplify this effort, we have made official ECF graphics files available for download, which you can use your marketing campaigns.

Stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or join our mailing list for real-time updates. Our teamwork in this endeavor will ensure ensure a successful experience for both your business and ECF. Let’s make #ecfairs an unforgettable event! 

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Sample of Social Media Post / Text

You can use your own creativity or use our easy template for letting your followers know you are participating at the ECF Education & Career Fair and where to find you:

📢 Exciting News! (SPONSOR’S NAME) is thrilled to announce our participation in ECF 2023!🎈 Join us in (CITY) on (DATE) at Booth #XXX to explore innovative educational and career solutions that can shape your future. Let’s connect, learn, and grow together. See you there!👋 

#highschoolstudents #careerfair #education #educationcareerfairs #ecfairs 


Please feel free to contact ECF team for any question or additional information or digital files you might need. 

Sponsorship & Exhibit Sales Manager

Ilette Swanevelder

And THIS is why you are joining us at
ECF Education & Career Fairs!

Brand awareness

Align your brand with great opportunities. Your logo displayed at key spaces at the fair, will lend a sense of familiarity to participants and let them build an early report and loyalty with your brand.


Introduce recruitment managers to the talent on a much more meaningful level than online, and at higher volumes—all within a 4 to 5-hour event.

Top candidates

Our fairs can also be excellent sources for young talent. Here your recruiters can connect with students, who are soon to graduate, or graduates, with degrees in relevant fields.

Face to face interaction

Face to face communication offers your organization opportunities to interact directly with your future workforce and expose you directly to their culture.


ECF attracts a diverse range of attendees. Exhibitors can network with attendees to identify promising candidates for job openings or educational opportunities.

Cost-effective marketing:

Exhibiting at ECF can be a cost-effective marketing strategy compared to other forms of advertising. The fair provides a platform to showcase your offerings to a large and diverse audience at a relatively low cost.

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