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Benefits of Exhibiting / Sponsoring

Brand awareness

Align your brand with great opportunities. Your logo displayed at key spaces at the fair, will lend a sense of familiarity to participants and let them build an early report and loyalty with your brand.


Introduce recruitment managers to the talent on a much more meaningful level than online, and at higher volumes—all within a 4 to 5-hour event.

Top candidates

Our fairs can also be excellent sources for young talent. Here your recruiters can connect with students, who are soon to graduate, or graduates, with degrees in relevant fields.

Face to face interaction

Face to face communication offers your organization opportunities to interact directly with your future workforce and expose you directly to their culture.


ECF attracts a diverse range of attendees. Exhibitors can network with attendees to identify promising candidates for job openings or educational opportunities.

Cost-effective marketing:

Exhibiting at ECF can be a cost-effective marketing strategy compared to other forms of advertising. The fair provides a platform to showcase your offerings to a large and diverse audience at a relatively low cost.

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